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By your side for more than 20 years

Financial strategies designed to help prepare you for your next step.


Stocks & Fixed Income

Create diversified portfolios through investments in equities that provide dividend income, potential growth in value, and a degree of risk appropriate for each individual investor’s desires.


Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds provide investment opportunities for almost any type of investor, from first time investors, to those who want diversification within specific types of investments. Mutual funds can be found that offer money market assets, or fixed income debt assets, and balanced funds that provide a mix of investment types. 


Retirement Planning

To provide a tax-advantaged method for investors to set aside money for retirement.

  • Traditional IRA: contributions may be tax-deductible and account assets grow on a tax-deferred basis

  • Roth IRA: while contributions are not tax-deductible, account assets grow on tax-deferred basis and earnings may be withdrawn tax-free in retirement

  • Employer Sponsored IRAs: SEPs and SIMPLEs


Insurance Planning

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with addressing financing goals before life style changes occur. Insurance types are available to address the ever changing needs of individuals, families and investors of all levels.


Stock Options

Derivatives defined clearly so investors can better understand stock options, where contracts are written that gives an investor the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell an equity at a specific price in the future. That price “derived” from the expected value of the stock by that future date.


Asset Management

Asset Management is an important aspect of investments. We develop, maintain, buy and sell assets to provide a balanced portfolio for our clients. This is performed in close association with the investor to accommodate their preferences. 

Full-Service Brokerage Firm New Jersey - E1 Asset Management

Our Services

E1 Asset Management will design the portfolio that's just right for your investment needs. We offer: comprehensive management for your entire portfolio, IRA management, non-retirement account management, insurance, and many other types of investment accounts.

Investment & Market Leaders

E1 Asset Management is a full-service brokerage firm. We've been serving investors like you for over 20 years. Our firm has no market holdings of our own, meaning we're solely focused on your investments and your success. 

We can execute trades for you and provide dedicated, one-on-one guidance when it comes to investment recommendations. Our brokers are exceptionally responsive. We're here to serve you. 

Full-Service Brokerage Firm New Jersey - E1 Asset Management
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