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In response to current economic uncertainty

The landscape of finance and business has been upset during this time. In response to current economic uncertainty, E1 Asset Management has developed a contingency and overall business continuity plan in accordance with regulations specified and enacted by FINRA, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. 

Of course, our hope is that these plans are never put to action. But in the event aspects of the financial world were to change, our comprehensive business continuity policy ensures our continued ability to provide our clients with uninterrupted access to the funds and securities in their respective portfolios. 

If E1 Asset Management does experience a disruption to business, it is our promise that we'll inform you as soon as possible. Our current status will be located on our website along with any instructions for clients. We will also add on our voicemail greeting should clients call to check our status. If we should have a close headquarters for any length of time, you may email us and we will be as responsive as the situation allows from outside our offices. 

In the event that Jersey City experiences citywide disruptions, it is our aim to relocate to an area that has not been affected. We will then restore normal operation asap. 

If for any reason you are unable to reach E1 Asset Management, please contact AXOS Clearing, LLC. On the AXOS homepage, you'll find a link to their continuity plan, as well. You can also reach AXOS at 800-811-3487. AXOS neither provides investment advice nor can execute any trades. 

Also, in case of a firm failure that leaves our office owing our clients, Securities Investment Protection Corporation (SIPC) will help our clients obtain their assets.


*Please note - These are general guidelines. Events could be unpredictable. We reserve the right to revise our business continuity plan at any time to address potential events in the best manner to best serve our clients. If you would like our current business continuity plan in writing, please call 212-425-2670 or send us an email.

Important Contact Information


Please save these details about E1 Asset Management's offices in the event of business disruption.


185 Hudson Street, 25th Floor
Jersey City, NJ  07311

Tel: 212-425-2670


In the event of a business disruption, a recorded message will be available on this alt. number, informing clients of our current status.

Stationery Office - Alexandria, VA

2800 Eisenhower Ave Suite 220

Alexandria, VA 22314

Tel: 703-224-8843 (Office)

Welcome to E1 Asset Management

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